Founded by Lawrence Tech Students in fall 2015, Blue Devil Broadcasting had its first productive semester in Spring 2016 premiering three shows with a staff of 10 students from various majors. Starting in the Yellow Flag Production Studios on Civic Center, the platforms expanded to meet the demand of students and faculty seeking a new platform to reach students. Blue Devil Broadcasting now offers, promotional production, social media campaigns, sports coverage, commercial production, advertising, new coverage and entertainment.

Students from all majors are welcome to join Blue Devil Broadcasting and are given the opportunity to work on any of the existing shows or pitch an idea for a new show to the club's executive board. If the executive board sees promise in a new show they take the proposal to the club's overseeing production company; Yellow Flag Production.



In Spring 2016, Blue Devil Broadcasting premiered two shows in January with a third show making its debut in March 2016. The first show to hit the airwaves was Larry Tech Talk, the first student podcast for the campus. Each week, the hosts Allison Bicknell and Anthony Persinger, covered a little bit of new, some pop culture and a big on campus topic with various guests like sports stars, professors or organization leaders.

Speak of the Devil premiered on YouTube two weeks later with primary hosts Rachel Sweet and Michael (Gabe) O'Niel bringing bi-weekly news to the campus. Rotational hosts and new topics with the occasional guest helped push the format into its current platform; Mock-News.

In March "Five with..." had its first YouTube episode. Hosted by Larry Tech Talk co-creator Anthony Persinger, Five with... is a rant style short on any topic and is released at any time.

In the fall of '17 we have added our latest segment, "The Devils Game", a sports themed show to update students on all athletic events and news. This show is hosted by Genna Skalski and Lexi Reyne with alternating hosts when needed.

Lastly, "Blue Devil Blurbs" are short videos made to inform students about campus, student life, and any other organizations and teams would like to make announcements. All members of BDB host blurbs as well as other students on campus that wish to create one for a specific purpose.

rachel in studio


Create positive and relevant entertainment and news for the Lawrence Technological University campus and surrounding community. The purpose of, Blue Devil Broadcasting, shall be to foster a student run television and radio broadcasting network through the coordination of events and news; from campus, local to national allowing that it is relevant to the audience. (ie: awareness projects and events).

Blue Devil Broadcasting will work toward its goals; pre-production, production, post production and broadcasting. Any student may attend Blue Devil Broadcasting meetings. However, to be a member of Blue Devil Broadcasting one must be an undergraduate or graduate student of Lawrence Technological University, and contribute regularly to programming and development; directly or indirectly.