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Posted by Isabella Forsthoffer on March 25, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes

Horoscopes for 03/25/19 ~ 03/31/19

Aries: You can be quite the hot head, Aries, and this week may have brought out that side of you. Any conflicts or grudges you’ve been holding need absolved this weekend and Moon Trine Mars gives you the practical attitude to do so. You’ll be ready express how you feel, so make the most of this influence and set things right.

Taurus: Spring is a time for change, and you’re more than ready for it! Venus sextile Uranus this week spurs your need for initiative from loved ones. Whatever project you’re undertaking, you set your mind to it and are focused solely on that. You may not have romance on your mind, but you sure are catching the attention of others.

Gemini: This week starts off confusing with Moon square Mercury applying. This aspect brings about memory and coherency problems. Stay away from anything that could make these matters worse and double check any appointments. Beware of clouded emotions and inclination to gossip, the risk isn’t always worth the reward!

Cancer: A difficult aspect for you applies on Thursday; Sun square your ruling Moon creates tension between your ego and emotions. While this foretells of a rough week ahead, don’t let it affect your decisions regarding life choices. Your feelings and thoughts are valid, there’s no need to be insecure about how you feel. 

Leo: You may be dealing with some inner turmoil, brave Leo. A tricky aspect enters your influence this week; Ascendant square Sun. This indicates a relationship between your behavior and true nature of yourself that is misaligned. You’re unconsciously misleading your own self and adopting a harmful attitude. You are a loving and loved person, take control of your actions.

Libra: You’re one of a kind, Libra, so try not to compare yourself to anyone else this week as the Moon squares Venus. You may feel in competition, perhaps in your romantic situation or regarding an emotional situation. Don’t get confused by how you truly feel and what you desire emotionally. Listen to what your heart is really feeling, not what it’s telling you will make it better.

Virgo: It’s a battle of the aspects for you this week as Mercury sextiles Saturn and is in conjunction with Neptune. On the one hand, Saturn offers you balance and a practical approach, but Neptune promotes idealism and intuition. These conflicting ways could come together to create the best of both worlds or leave you frustrated and at a loss. It’s up to you focus on what needs done, you already have all the tools you need.

Scorpio: Transformation and development of your future has been the theme of many months for you. The return of this aspect, Saturn in conjunction with Pluto, pushes you towards that personal revolution even more. Continue your self-reflection and growth, you’ll reach what you seek.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is in conjunction with the Moon on Wednesday is vital in setting the tone for the rest of your week. This aspect can manifest is two very different ways; generous, kind, with great host capabilities, or demanding and materialistic tendencies. Your selfishness may stem from your interests, so take a break from your own work to participate in something new. Outdoor activities and travel will be especially beneficial.

Capricorn: The North Node in opposition to Saturn this week presents a challenge for you to overcome you old ways. This aspect promotes conquering challenges and setting ambitious goals. You have high standards for yourself, but you may be filled with dread as you feel all your responsibilities weigh you down. This is your time to break free from your old patterns, though you’ll be tempted to walk the same road, spring is always a time for new beginnings. 

Aquarius: Venus sextile Uranus and Uranus trine the Moon only make more apparent what you already know; you need something from the people in your life. Aquarius, you have a great instinct for what people need to hear or need emotionally, but often put others’ needs before your own. You’re in a precarious position regarding life choices, ask for what you need from loved ones. You deserve all support you give in return.

Pisces: You may feel like a relationship with a coworker, friend, or loved one is on the rocks this week. Moon in conjunction with Pluto and Saturn presents some difficulty in addressing whatever issue it is you have with someone. Saturn may have you doubting your feelings, but Pluto will give you the stubbornness to stand by your argument. Be honest and upfront, but be careful not to let your emotions get the better of you since it seems you’ve been bottling things up over some time.

Posted by Chase Kaufman on March 20, 2019

The Sloppy Joe: Bald Eagle Signs 100-year Deal Worth 300 Billion to Remain U.S. National Bird

Tack on another 100 years to the veteran’s contract. The bald eagle resigned with America early Wednesday morning to remain the country’s role model.

The feathered friend, a part of the United States for 227 years, makes it 100 more with the most recent news. Reports say that with just three years remaining on his current contract, the bald eagle wanted some long-term commitment.

“It’s really nice to know I won’t have to move nests anytime soon. I’m glad that I’ll be able to keep my family here for quite some time. But now that I have this deal, it’s time to focus on what matters most- winning a championship.”

The 100-year, $300 billion contract is now the largest in world history, surpassing France’s 70-year, $150 billion deal with the Gallic rooster just six years ago.

When asked what plans are with the money, the critter focused on his family.

“My mom and dad have been living in an old, rundown nest for quite sometime. I’ll obviously buy them a new one. As for the rest of it, I’ll probably just save it for a rainy day.”

This extension with the US just adds on to the historic career for the bald eagle who earned the North American Rookie of the Year in 1782, and has been a member of 165 All-World National Bird teams.

Posted by Isabella Forsthoffer on March 18, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes

Horoscopes for 03/18/19 ~ 03/24/19

  • Aries: Think fast, Aries! Mercury sextile your ruling planet Mars will spike up your ability for some quick thinking at the start of this week. Wednesday’s Mars trine Saturn separating means you’ll be more willing to take a risk. Listen to your instincts this week, they’re trying to tell you something!

  • Taurus: The start of the week cautions you to take a rational approach to any issues that arise. Your lovely ruling planet Venus in opposition with the Moon is stirring up confusion in your love life. Focus on what you’re really feeling and separate that from your emotional needs. Stick to that Taurus stubbornness and get what is best for you.

  • Gemini: While most people are looking forward to the weekend, you may not be; Whether you’re sitting on a problem that demands attention or facing a strict deadline. Mercury in conjunction with Neptune applies towards the end of the week which may have you struggling with the practical side of things. Irrationality might just be the key to getting things done though! Use your imagination and realm of fantasy to think things through.

  • Cancer: Whether you’ve been stifled by school or work all week the Moon in opposition to Uranus has you craving change. Perhaps it’s time to get away from it all for the weekend. Take a solo trip or explore a new place by yourself. You deserve some much-needed time alone.

  • Leo: This week may have you feeling like you’re not yourself. With the Sun in opposition to the Moon, it’s no wonder. The ego and individuality of the Sun is the opposite of the emotional Moon. Take up a relaxing and distracting activity to get through this time. This aspect can stir up conflicts in your close relationships, so be mindful of your words and reactions.

  • Virgo: Mercury sextile Saturn has you at the top of your game this week. You’re inclined to stick to your routine to get things done with a clear head. Your studies should go quite well this week, too. Remember it’s not all work and no play though, star-student Virgo!

  • Libra: Venus sextile Jupiter will have you flying like a social butterfly this week. You may feel inclined to throw a party, and you’ll definitely be the host with the most! It’s also a good time to explore a new fashion or change up your look. You’ll rock whatever new trend is on the rise.

  • Scorpio: You’re on the war path to figure out your calling, ambitious Scorpio. You have a world of possibilities at your hands and choosing one seems to be frustrating you with Mars trine Pluto this week. Though you desire control over your own destiny, remember that you cannot control other’s even though you may want to. This aspect will help you achieve your objective no matter the obstacle this week.

  • Sagittarius: You’ll be radiating success at the beginning of this week with Moon trine Jupiter – no blah Monday’s for you! This success shines onto those around you as well as you’ll feel especially open and optimistic. You’ll be a star at work or in the classroom as you inspire this great energy in others.

  • Capricorn: You’re caught between a rock and hard place this week with two conflicting aspects in effect. Mercury sextile Saturn encourages a practical approach, while Mercury in conjunction with Neptune draws out your intuition and need for idealistic thinking. Focus on the here and now; looming decisions may not be as complex as they seem. Seek out advice and help from those close to you.

  • Aquarius: You may be in a chaotic headspace this week, unruly Aquarius. The Moon trine Uranus on Wednesday and later in opposition to Uranus brings bouts of mood swings. You’ve got so much to do it seems, and are losing yourself in the chaos of it. While out of the box approaches are good, remember to ground yourself by opening up your feelings to those close to you.

  • Pisces: This week might have you feeling confused on your next moves with the Moon trine Saturn and in opposition to Neptune. You risk coming off as overly formal in your methods or going about things in a complicated way. Remember that simple is always better, and apply this to the things you’re dealing with; you’re no wishy-washy Pisces!
Posted by Chase Kaufman on March 13, 2019

The Sloppy Joe: University of Central State Lafayette College Tech A&M Eastern Bulldogs Win Big Eleven American Mountain Belt Conference Final, Earn Automatic Berth in NCAA Tournament

For the third time in school history, the Dogs took home the conference title. Playing for all the marbles, UCSTLCT shot 52% from the field to clinch a spot in the NCAA Tournament. They defeated fellow rival Eastern Northwest South College on Tuesday night in tight affair 84-81.

Coach Fred Wilford excitedly spoke about the game, also paying attention to the future of the Bulldogs.

“I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of each and everyone of these guys. We’ll celebrate tonight, but I’m telling you now, this will NOT be the end of the University of Central State Lafayette College Tech A&M Eastern Bulldogs!”

Meanwhile, fans are upset for quite the peculiar reason. NCAA basketball fan Jimbo McCarthy scoffed about the case.

“How am I supposed to fill out that entire school on my bracket challenge? Now because of the team’s selfishness, I’ll have to go out and buy fresh pens. It’s a travesty, really.”

Projections show the Bulldogs to be selected as a 13th seed in the Northwest Eastern Region, with a game start time of 4:30 A.M, next Friday morning.

Posted by Spencer Iaquinto on March 7, 2019

I Bet You Never Knew This!

Have you ever been just astonished by something and never took a deeper look into it? That happens all the time to more people than you think. I’ll give you the inside scoop on some pretty mind blowing facts that you’ll be excited to tell a friend about.

An 11-Year Old Invented Ice Pops

The time was 1905 when a boy by the name of Frank Epperson had no clue he was about to change the lives of ice cream lovers forever. Not knowing any better, Frank forgot to bring in his cup of soda powder, water, and stirrer. The mix was left outside on a chilly night in winter, and hence the Epsicle was brought to life! The little genius sold his creation around his neighborhood until he changed the name to Popsicle.

Supermarket Apples a Year Old?

Yes, you have heard it here correctly people! Supermarket apples can very well be a year old. Since apples are picked in August and November, they are put through a process that involves covering them in wax and then refrigerated. The earliest they’ll hit your supermarket shelves is about 6 months but most of the time you’re biting into a nicely aged year old apple.

Try Humming While Holding Your Nose

Strange, huh? To hum, air must travel out of your nose to make the sound. Stop trying it because it’s not going to happen. Make sure to comment if you’re the only one in the world that proves this wrong!

Prunes Instead of Cheese?

Rewind the clock some time to the 1840s, and your photographer would have you saying prunes instead of cheese! Try it, saying prunes instead of cheese keeps your mouth taut. This also makes a fish face. So, whoever thought they created it in recent times with their selfie game going strong just know that a Frenchman created it 180 years ago.

Spaghetti at McDonald’s?

If you want to try some pretty exotic food at a McDonald’s just head on down to the Philippines. Not sure that I’d trust the McDonald’s spaghetti but if you’re interested, it comes with a beef tomato sauce, and a nice little slice of “McDo” fried chicken.