Tips for Surviving Finals: As Told by a Recent College Grad

We’ve all been there, lying in bed watching Netflix to avoid studying, counting the minimal points needed to not study “as hard,” and trying to figure out what your name is during the sleep deprived weeks. As a recent grad, who has been through her fair share of final gauntlets, I am here to offer some advice. Here are my top five tips for surviving the pandemic we call finals.

Comfort Food is SO Important

picture1Get off your ass and go out to eat. Get away from the four white walls and the uncomfortable desk chair that you are sitting in. Take your nose out of your book, finger off the keyboard, grab your wallet and keys and head to the nearest, greasiest place you can find. Spend the extra buck and order the large fry because you need comfort food to fill the hole your professor made when they ripped out your soul last week. Forget the calories for the day and eat what you have earned. Save the regret for your New Year’s Resolution.

Take a Buzzfeed Quiz


Finding out what type of pizza you are is way more important than trying to understand an outrageous calc. 4 equation that you will probably never use again in your entire life.  But knowing what pizza you are could benefit you next Friday night, am I right? So, stray away from blackboard, worksheets, and review guides for 20 minutes and take a quiz like: “F*ck, Marry, Kill: The “Harry Potter” edition.”

Take a load off. It will benefit you in the long run. Follow the link for a fun break: TAKE A QUIZ

Jam Out!

picture3Turn the volume up to an 11? More like turn the volume up to a 36 and just jam the F*ck out with your roomies. You need to let the stress roll right off your chest with some Blink 182, some throwback middle school rap, or some Florida George Line (if you’re into that country twang, like me). Take a drive or disrupt your neighbors. Music can help you momentarily forget your homework and impending exams. Drown out all the businesses of your life and finals. Music is therapeutic, especially screaming the lyrics in a small confided space like your car or dorm. 


Actually Make Time to Study

picture4I know. It’s like, “I actually have to study to pass?” YUP! Make time to study. Don’t just wait until the last minute and pull multiple all-nighters. Study one hour on and one hour off. In his article, “How to Study”, Professor Robert A. Hatch from the University of Florida explains, “One should study about 4-5 hours a day.” So don’t kill yourself and study for 12 hours straight. Make and plan and stick to it. Find a comfortable setting. Hydrate yourself. Grab your highlighters and hit the books.


Appreciate the Little Things

picture6Take a moment and just think about all the good things in your life. Even though you may be drowning in notes and reviews there’s good to be found in this. Find happiness in the breaks you take from studying, even though they may be brief. The fact you have the opportunity to go to college. Find joy in the fact that you are one step closer to achieving your goal: graduating. You need that little glimmer of hope to make it through hell week. Being happy keeps you sane and that’s my professional advice.



Allison Bicknell

Class of 2016

Graduate Contributor 

Larry Tech Talk Host

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